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Kelly James-Enger: Speaker, Ghostwriter, and Author

Looking for a speaker who will motivate, inspire, and educate your audience—while keeping them laughing and engaged? You've found me. I’m a professional speaker who shares practical, realistic information about a variety of topics ranging from healthy lifestyles to stress management to goal-setting with audiences both large and small.

Or are you searching for a ghostwriter or cowriter to get your book into print? I’ve worked with individuals, publishers, and nonprofit organizations as a ghostwriter and coauthor. Whether you want to publish a book to attract clients, heighten your visibility as an expert, or create additional income as a speaker, I can walk you through your publishing options, and transform your idea into a published book.

I’ve been a successful self-employed author, speaker, ghostwriter, and coauthor since 1997, and have written twelve published books and 700+ articles in more than 60 national magazines. I write under my own byline (Kelly James-Enger) and ghostwrite and coauthor as well; BodyWise is the name of my consulting business which provides a variety of services to corporations, nonprofits, and private individuals. I’m also an ACE-certified personal trainer and specialize in health, fitness, wellness, and nutrition subjects.