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I've authored, coauthored, and ghostwritten twelve books. Several popular ones include:

Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks: The Writer's Guide to Making Money Ghostwriting and Coauthoring Books

If you write for a living—or to make extra money, have you considered adding ghostwriter/coauthor to your freelancing repertoire? Eighty percent of “big name” books (think Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump, David Beckham, Clay Aiken) are ghostwritten, and publishers, agents, and corporations hire ghostwriter every day. Professionals like physicians, financial experts, and business owners pay ghostwriters to author books to heighten their visibility, as do everyday people who just dream of getting their books into print.

How do you get started in this lucrative field? What sets successful ghostwriters apart from the “wanna-bes”? In Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks: The Writer’s Guide to Making Money Ghostwriting and Coauthoring Books, you’ll learn:

  • What types of clients hire ghostwriters—and how to determine which are right for you
  • How to market yourself to potential clients
  • How to set and negotiate fees
  • How to bid on projects
  • What elements you should include in every ghostwriting contract
  • How to work efficiently with clients
  • How to address common problems that arise.


Goodbye Byline, Hello Big Bucks: The Writer’s Guide to Making Money Ghostwriting and Coauthoring Books will show you how to break into and succeed in this exciting field.


Small Changes, Big Results

I am a health book junkie. I’ve read dozens of diet books for my work as a journalist and author, and always enjoy reading about fitness, self-help, relationships, and psychology.

So, when registered dietitian Ellie Krieger contacted me about collaborating on a book, I wondered whether the world needed yet another diet plan.

But Ellie’s program wasn’t a diet. Instead, it lets people focus on the areas of their life they’d like to change and offers simple ways to help them do it. The book we wrote covers nutrition, fitness and wellness, in a doable program that can be adapted for anyone.

If you want to eat better, get fitter, or attain more balance in your life, pick up Small Changes, Big Results: A 12-Week Action Plan to a Better Life.

The book doesn't promise buns of steel or a six-pack tummy. But it can help you live a healthier, happier life—and have energy to pursue the things you want to do.


Six-Figure Freelancing

Forget writing for the thrill of seeing your name in print, or worse yet, for the “exposure.” I believe writers should be paid—and paid well—for their work. If you dream of making a good living or a second income as a freelancer, you need more than writing ability.

My first year of fulltime freelancing, I only made $17,000. But I learned, and hit the $60K mark by my fourth year. By my sixth, I reached another long-term goal—cracking the six-figure mark.

Making more doesn’t mean that I work more. (In fact, I put in fewer hours now than when I started.) It does mean I work a lot more efficiently than I used to. That experience, along with discussions with other six-figure freelancers, led to Six-Figure Freelancing: The Writer’s Guide to Making More Money.

Six-Figure Freelancing will show you how to:

  • take a business-like approach to your freelance career
  • negotiate more writer-friendly contracts with editors
  • develop your own system of writing templates and forms
  • identify ways to produce more work in less time
  • create and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues
  • set short-term and long-term goals for your writing career


Ready, Aim, Specialize!

When you develop a writing specialty, you set yourself apart from other freelancers, save time researching and writing articles and command higher fees for your work.

Contrary to what you might think, you needn’t be a PHD, or recognized "expert" to focus your writing in a particular area. Your educational background, life experience, and interest in certain subjects can all be translated into a writing-related specialty.

Best of all, using your background and experience can help you get your foot in the door with editors, nab your first writing assignments, and build a lucrative career. In the fully-updated and expanded second edition of Ready, Aim, Specialize! you'll hear from dozens of talented, successful freelancers about how to break into the field, find and interview sources, develop relationships with editors, and treat your writing like a business. You'll also find samples of 20 queries that nabbed assignments from new writers to use as templates for your own query letters.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why you should develop a niche of your own and determine which areas of your background can be mined for writing ideas
  • What the top ten writing specialties are and how to break into and write about each one
  • How to better market your work and research and write more efficiently
  • How to find sources, research, data, and experts for articles
  • How to maximize your time and income—and make more money as a freelancer


Are you planning your own book? Please contact me to find out how I can help you.