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Looking for a funny, entertaining read? Check out one of Kelly James-Enger’s novels. They appeal to readers of women’s contemporary fiction, often called "chick lit."

For Kelly James-Enger's non-fiction works, see her books page.

Did you Get the Vibe? (Strapless, 2003)

Have you ever gotten the Vibe? You know, when you meet someone and feel the attraction buzz between you?

Kate, 28, has based her dating life on the Vibe. If there’s a Vibe, the guy is worth pursuing—it not, forget it. The trouble is that the too-beautiful-for-her Andrew just dumped her and now she can hardly fit into her favorite jeans. And she hates her job, but everyone keeps telling her how great it is to be a lawyer. Yeah, right.

At least she has Tracy, her best friend from law school. Both live in Chicago’s up-and-coming Lakeview neighborhood. Tracy is gorgeous, smart, and has a great job, a great apartment, and a great live-in boyfriend, Tom. She also has an eating disorder she’s managed to keep secret from even her closest friend. Tracy doesn’t believe in the Vibe—until she experiences it for the first time and it turns her life upside down.

Will Kate find lasting love, meaningful work, and be able to squeeze back into her clothes? Will Tracy give up the man who loves her to experience sexual fulfillment—and come to grips with what she’s doing to her body and her spirit? Did you Get the Vibe? explores the lives of these two best friends as they love, work, diet, laugh, and bond.

White Bikini Panties (Strapless, 2004, It's Here!)

Given 4.5 stars and named a Top Pick by RT Book Club magazine!

Publishers Weekly says, “James-Enger sympathetically captures Trina’s workday doldrums, shines a realistic light on family problems and doesn’t settle for a superficial solutions to romantic dilemmas…it’s the very ordinariness of the story that appeals.”


Change your underwear—change your life?

Twenty-eight-year-old Trina Elder’s life is going pretty well. She’s got a decent job at a big company in suburban Chicago, a funny, talented best friend, a loving family, and a cute boyfriend who shares her addiction to True Hollywood Story.

Even after her friend Jane's tarot cards predict romantic upheaval, Trina is still shocked when she finds out Rick is cheating on her. To get over him, she decides to distract herself with a series of new relationships—and new underwear to boot.

Will Trina find a guy who wants what she does? Should she stay in the city or is it time to grow up and buy a place of her own in the suburbs? Can Jane’s tarot cards really predict the future? And is thong underwear really the answer for a formerly basic-bikini-panty type of girl?

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